Outreach Programme

The Outreach Programme is in its sixth year. This past year, 11 state primary schools in the Westminster and Southwark dioceses participated.

This year, we are writing a musical on the theme of St Paul.

How it works

Song leaders visit their school 8 times a term to teach classes choral singing. They work on a variety of music from liturgical pieces in Latin and English, to gospel to jazz to popular songs. The children learn to sing to sing in harmony, in rounds, a capella and in a variety of languages. The director of music for the programme, Ben Clark, leads these sessions.

Each school comes to the Cathedral six times a year, with a workshop each term for everyone. At the end of the winter and spring terms, there is a concert in the cathedral hall.


For the past nine years, the singing team at Westminster Cathedral have worked weekly with schools in the dioceses of Westminster and Southwark teaching them a large musical work that had already been written. In 2017 it was decided that we would like to engage the children further by inviting them to compose their own work and perform it themselves in the cathedral in June 2018. This involved them considerably more in the process and enhanced their creativity a huge amount.

Each school wrote their own song about one section of the story of Moses. This involved study of the book of Exodus, discussions about Moses' life and how we could relate to it: how would we feel in his situation? Would we have acted differently? Musical responses were drawn out of these questions, alongside ideas for the text of each song. The songs were all of different style, mood and feel, but they worked well together; Moses the Musical was born.


Children not only improve their singing and learn a lot about music but learn other skills, too. They learn to cooperate with and trust each other, it improves their confidence and concentration skills. Their numeracy and literacy skills improve, too. They experience a sense of achievement and enjoy what they achieve. They have fun! They also are part of an excellent, high quality experience.

How to join

If you want further information or would like your school to participate next year, please email Eileen McDade or ring 020 7798 9394 on Thursdays or Fridays.


Concerts and Recitals

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